Thursday, April 8, 2010

ONE Thing I Love Thursday!

I Love Thursdays, and I love sharing one thing I love with you. As you may have already guessed, I love stories (that's not this week's thing). I also love pictures (still not it). The thing I love is Photographers That Tell Stories With Their Pictures. I love being able to look at a picture and imagine all sorts of situations that surround the objects within it. My overactive imagination has a heyday. I have some pretty cool photographer friends that I love, like Sarah Jayne, who takes pictures like this:

and my friend Ashlyn Joy who takes pictures like this:

And if I were a photographer, I'd take pictures like these. (All from love these because when I look at each of them, a story immediately starts developing in my head. Each person in the photo has a name, and I can tell you exactly what they're doing. I love it. And that's how pictures should be. If if picture isn't worth a thousand words, then it isn't really worth anything at all.

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