Tuesday, November 30, 2010

it's been real, blogger.

it's actually been pretty fun too, but i'm moving my membership elsewhere. i probably won't delete this blog for a while, but i won't be posting new stuff here. instead it will be posted on my NEW BLOG :) don't fret loves, the content has been imported into my other blog, so if you like reading that one post about that one time i experienced something embarrassing (you know, that ONE time) you can! besides the new one is prettier and stuff. don't desert me oh few and faithful followers! i LOVE you all so so much. see you on the flipside (aka: wordpress.)

Monday, November 29, 2010

the danger zone.

see what they did here?
If you've been a part of this attempt at maintaining sanity silly endeavor of mine for very long you might recall this post from this summer when I had the weirdest day ever, and got hit on by some pretty ridiculous diverse fellas. Some people found it amusing, so I think it's time to share stories from the Danger Zone with you.

I like Target; I go there often, and usually my trips there result in me wandering aimlessly around carrying a latte in one hand and a $3 rug I found on clearance that I'm trying to justify buying at 97% off even though it would probably be making the space under my writing desk its home because I don't really need it. Rarely on these trips, I venture to the electronics section. It's usually rare because the things they sell there are either expensive or impractical in my life, and neither of those things appeal to me. That is previously the reason I abstained from visiting that particular section, but recently, I have had some experiences that I believe provide sufficient justification for my decision to avoid/rename the Target Electronics Section.

Picture it: Sicily 1965 I've decided to be the fun camp friend and make my whole staff a mix cd, so I go to Target (with purpose for once) to buy a million blank cds. As it happens there are 2 brands, similar in detail, one on sale, one better priced pre-sale, and both stocked in the wrong place. I'm confused; I'm reading; my latte sits neglected on the shelf beside me. Kind Sir walks past the top of the aisle, waves and it begins.

(click there. it gets better.)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


If a woman is partial to a man, and
does not endeavour to conceal it,
he must find it out.

Elizabeth, Chapter 6. Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen.

...unless he is stupid.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving.

feel guilty, carnivores?
You know how when you gather with any group of people around Thanksgiving, everyone always wants to go around and say what it is they're thankful for? Well I'm not thankful for that tradition and here's why:
pressure, panic, and pretentiousness.

You immediately know that what you say has to be sitting comfortably between "gracious and contemplative" and "light-hearted and entertaining," and if what you say doesn't fit in with whatever the theme is at your event, then brace yourself for the hurrumphs and eye-rollings because they'll shoot straight over that green bean casserole and into your heart.
But for the sake of the argument, let's say you are blessed enough to find yourself at the end of the thankful train; you may have realized what kind of thing you need to say, but you still have to think of what you're going to say. I am so bad at thinking of things on the spot, and being on the spot makes me so nervous that I also usually forget whatever it is that I thought of ahead of time to avoid the blank panic, and then there I am, panicking anyways.
And of course anything that comes to mind is going to end up being pretentious sounding when there is so much injustice and hurt in the world. Don't get me wrong, I love (LOVE) Thanksgiving, but I wish that when this sort of thing happened, there were categories.
It should be which member of the Beatles are you most thankful for, or what type of cereal, or whose contribution to classic literature. Narrow it down people; I need boundaries to function!

All of that being said, I am going to tell you some things that I am thankful for, because you didn't ask me at all on the spot and because you'll understand that I have an awful memory couldn't possibly fit everything I'm thankful for in one post. (for real, this is not by any means comprehensive and is mostly just for entertainment.)

i wanted to  live in this show.
1. Gilmore Girls. this show taught me about the great power that obscure references has, helped me cultivate my speed-hearing...and talking skills, and demonstrated to me how to be witty and charming; clearly this show is gold.

2. Eyelashes. Sometimes a piece of dust gets in my eye and it makes me want to cry (hey I rhymed!) and then I think about how without eyelashes, dust would get in my eyes all day long every day and I would cry forever and that would be awful; plus I'd look so weird.

3. Tissues. maybe you've never wondered, but as someone whose allergies crippled them at least 4/12 months a year during her childhood, I have often wondered how people felt about their runny noses and their non-disposable 'tissues'. eek; handkerchiefs are the most disgusting.

pretty sure these weren't the thinkers. sorry boutcha feminism.
4. The Victorian Era. these people were thinkers, arguers, make sense of the world-ers. their world was crazy and smelly and weird, but they did what they could with what they had and I am glad they did, thankful for them if you will.

Obscure things aside, I'm really thankful that I have such a supportive family. I have had friends whose parents have told them that they need to be serious and give up on the career they chose going into college, but I went into college undecided then chose English because I loved it and I was good at it, and my mom just said, "you know, it doesn't really matter. You love it, and God will use you no matter what you've chosen." And now I've got several friends who are each very interested in missions and traveling and their parents are adamantly against it. The parents of these friends have either expressed their disdain outright, or they just aren't encouraging or optimistic about it. My family tells me all the time that they're proud of me and would miss me, but want me to go. And while I have friends upset about being single, or even enduring their parent's comments about their "love life" mine understand me and my desires and...well they're just awesome.

I also have amazing friends. Not only are they all way talented, but I get unique insight from each of them. Most of my friends I have known since junior high. They've seen me learn and grow and be ugly and cry and still they love me; it always amazes me that they still love me. And then there are friends that I've spent a mere 3 months during a summer with who mean just as much to me as my childhood friends, people who love me and love the Lord and have such big servants' hearts. I'm so blessed, I can even call the people I work with friends. They're funny and loud and so, so very smart and they'd do anything for me. ohhhilovethemsomuch!

And mostly I'm just thankful for Christ. I mean without the Holy Spirit, I wouldn't even be able to be thankful. I can't imagine how terrible of a person I'd be if I weren't a Christian, but because of Jesus, I don't have to wonder. Not saying I'm a good person now, but I am grateful and that is because of Him.I could go on for a while here, but I think I'll stop there.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

innovative thinking.

via weheartit.com
It is my firm belief that everyone is creative, and I will passionately argue that to the death. (ok, that's not true at all because if I tell you what I think and why and you still don't agree, I will not argue with you, it's discouraging and disappointing and I don't like it. However, I will still believe with all my heart that every person alive is a creative being.) Now, recently I read an article about how the Bible says we were created in God's image. I thought it was an interesting article, and certainly one that could be expanded into a much larger and maybe even spirited discussion. The point that I found most interesting though, was when the author pointed out that if we are all made in God's image and likeness, and he is creative (because He created a lot of things out of nothing, and to take it further, the way that he reveals Himself through nature and people and situations is usually quite unique), then logically, we must also be creative. Agreed.

After this article, I read another one: "Art isn't supposed to be safe" by Cole NeSmith. I don't think the focus of this article was intended to be the existence of creativity, but I think it certainly shows the impossibility of its absence. The author writes,
"Creativity is willing to step into the unknown and bring something new into existence.
Creativity is about an unbridled heart that is so free in who it was created to be that it is unstoppable. 
Creativity is central to everything God does. And I’m not just talking about the creative work of the land and seas and animals and you and me. I’m talking about things like redemption, peace, beauty and hope. These things can only exist when we tap into the creative heart of God."
I think this paragraph is just so full of truth and beauty. And then in the very next paragraph, he gives an example that I think expands the traditional definition of creativity. Being creative doesn't just mean that you are capable of making something cool or unique or beautiful. Being creative and possessing creativity means that you realize there are more ways than one to think about and approach any given subject or task. It's realizing that what you now know and see might not be the end all, be all. And when you understand that, the way you see literature and art and other people changes; your limits cease to be; your opportunities are endless.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, November 20, 2010

thanksgiving. mnnnn.

Today I'm attending a mock Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and I'm feeling rather domesticated. I bought a new casserole dish just for the occasion, ok, ok, I bought it because I own all of one pot and one cupcake pan, but either way, it's blue and casseroley and it was on sale (iLOVEworldmarket).

I really wanted to make this Squash Casserole but apparently none of my friends are fans of this lovely vegetable, so I'm making this Corn Casserole. I'm pretty excited about it too; I guess when you don't eat meat, it's normal to get stoked about veggies.

I'm also making Pumpkin Spice Bars, and I'd link you to that recipe, but I'm kind of improvising with that one. Don't tell my friends, or they might not eat them, which would be unfortunate for them because they're going to be delicious. And while I'm tooting my own horn speaking of delicious, I made these Sweet Potato Cupcakes for Clara's bithday last weekend, and they were spectacular. They're extremely easy to make (and probably much easier with a hand mixer which I of course forgot to take to the kitchen where I made them). I used this recipe from this awesome blog, except I cheated and just used Marshmallow Fluff for icing because it was easier and much faster. I'd show you what they looked like, but I forgot to take a picture, shame.

I hope you're making goodies for your friends and family too; people like to be fed.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

crafty, like a fox.

I'd like to think of lots of inspirational and exciting things to say here, but I don't really have any. So here it is straight; I made this thing for my friend Allison, and I kind of wanted to keep it.


I used:
  • Bristol Board (because I use it for lots of things, and I'm all about convenience)
  • Box Cutter (because I trust myself more with it than my Exacto knife)
  • Patterned Paper (because contact paper is whoa expensive if you're using it on small things)
  • Spray Adhesive (because it's quicker and less goopy than glue)
  • Writing Utensil, Scissors, Holepunch and Twine (because you need them, ok)

Here's how it goes:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here are 10 things that always mean Fall to me.

1. Wild Sweet Orange

2. my house boots

3. my outside boots

4. pumpkin spice lattes from the sbux

5. desiring to run because of the crisp air/making excuses not to

6. pancakes, especially chocolate chip ones

7. scarfs

8. Christmas with the Rat Pack

9. The Devil Wears Prada

10. uncertainty about my life.

(stupidcreations.tumblr.com made this. not me)
Fall makes me so happy because it precedes Winter, and Winter is my favorite.

P.S. ^that girl is just there because I think she's cute.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Update.

Maybe you've been thinking "sheesh Jenna, you're awfully silly and that's kind of entertaining when it's either reading your stuff or counting ceiling tiles at               , but I really don't know much about where your life is right now." [[A. if that is really what you've been thinking I shudder to think how your life possibly got that dull. B. if you were really astute you'd be able to see where my life was by analyzing those silly posts/asking me in real life. C. you're right, it just makes me happy to think that you care that much/ i like pretending i have control over people's thoughts.]] ANYways, here's what's up.

Isaiah 40
        28Do you not know? Have you not heard?
         The Everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth
         Does not become weary or tired
         His understanding is inscrutable.
    29He gives strength to the weary,
         And to him who lacks might He increases power.
    30Though youths grow weary and tired,
         And vigorous young men stumble badly,
    31Yet those who wait for the LORD
         Will gain new strength;
         They will mount up with wings like eagles,
         They will run and not get tired,
         They will walk and not become weary.

Friday, November 12, 2010

glitter, not the Mariah Scary Movie.

My favorite movie ever is Peter Pan. I think that's a major influencer of my obsessions with glitter. I know it's like the communicable disease in the craft supply world, but I love it and every November my apartment starts breeding it. (heyyy pretty Christmas decorations hey) Plus it's kind of really magical.

I always wanted to be Wendy Darling.

if I had this, i'd be the envy of 5th graders everywhere.

*photos all from weheartit.com :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celebrity[ish] boyfriend round 4

Previously I have shared some of my celebrity boyfriends in the form of a poet, a musician, and an actor. I think the time has come to unveil one of my favorite boyfriends, one that I might even dare to put at the tiptopiest point on my list, and he is a fictional character.

Despite my love of all things Victorian and Jane Austen, it is not Mr. Darcy. (while I am inevitably attracted to and sympathetic for the egotistical, prideful, and narcissistic, there is no one of that kind on my imaginary list of love. No, no Mr. "My good opinion once lost, is lost forever," I could never love you like I love....

Sherlock Holmes.

He is just the most swoon worthy man to never breathe air that I know. Normally I'd put pictures here, but most of them are only of Robert Downey Jr. (not that he isn't on my list too, because he is) and the point of Holmes being my literary crush is because I fell in love with text, not an A-list celebrity. So, here's what I love:

He's so smart. When he figures stuff out, it's never on accident, it's always "Elementary!"
His vocabulary and speech is so legit, I mean eloquent. He says words like "beget" and "abhorrent" and "exceedingly so."
He's logical, yet creative. He believes that "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"

plus, he's a little wild, slightly reckless, infinitely inquisitive, and since he exists primarily in my imagination, he's the most handsome.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Marines.

Sometimes (and by "sometimes" I mean always) my life is weird. I like it; I get to go to weird and fun places and meet talented people and do cool things. This past weekend I went to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball with a complete stranger. I'd cross it off my bucket list, but I don't know whether that qualifies as "be spontaneous" or "lose your mind." I knew this would end up in the blog, so I'll give you some background about what I initially thought. First, I creeped on Facebook.
  • First flag: profile picture has some ponytailed man in the forefront of a nascar scene. I am of course trying to be positive though, so I give him the benefit of the doubt and convince myself that he's just cleverly ironic.
  • And let me just say that after seeing "Music Interests: Nickleback, George Straight, and 3 Doors Down" I wasn't feeling very confident in my assumption about his cleverness; instead I was slightly abashed. However, since "ACDC and Jack Johnson" were on the list too, I reminded myself that my favorite mix cd has Michael Jackson, The Kooks, Jack Johnson, and Fleetwood Mac on it, and most people who see my itunes collection think I'm schizophrenic, so maybe I shouldn't judge too soon.
  • Although, by the time I got to "Television interests" and saw: "Baseball Tonight, Dog the Bounty Hunter, The First 48, Fox News, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" I was no longer physically able to suppress the groan that burst forth from the depths of my despair (that's right, despair can groan now).
**I also resent the statement that I was being equally unappealing by creeping on his Facebook profile, and the fact that our lack of connections prevented me from even seeing an actual picture of his face will not, I repeat NOT legitimize that assertion at all.

Fast forward to the trip down to old FL. From the moment that I woke Clara up with my original "wake up Clara I think I got something to say to yooooouuuu" song, I knew that it was going to be a good day. If you follow me on The Twitter you will recall that I tweeted "is it weird that I relish awkward situations for the creative writing opportunities they bring me?" and I meant it. Of course the writer within me was secretly rejoicing because she knew that this event had the potential to be quite the amusing blog post, so for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to try and squeeze my journal into a clutch. Just so we're all on the same page that would have looked a lot like trying to force a grown cat into a fanny pack. Thus was forced to consider resorting to my "handy dandy" notebook (I say this because it, like Steve's from blue's clues, would also have fit into my pocket); the risk here, however, lay in the fact that using this notebook would have kind of created a strong resemblance between me and Daffy Duck as Dick Tracey. Looking back, I probably should've cared but I didn't; at the time I was actually desirous of encountering the weirdest people and things so that I could relay them to you, purely for your enjoyment; you are welcome.

Friday, November 5, 2010

hey there Dreamy McDreamerson

I am and will be infinitely intrigued by this Waterhouse painting

I'm still in a dreamy state, so today I'm going to share with you something else I want to do; although, this thing is not a long-term type of endeavor (however cool that might be).

I adore the Victorians, adore them (and their bows and lace and houses and art and hair and literature). Now before I had Dr. Woodworth, I didn't know a lot about them, nor was I concerned with them (the closest I had gotten to their Age was the 18th Century Comic Novel, and that experience was one of the worst in my life; comic does not mean funny; their humor is not my own), but after delving into some Dickens and Lord Byron [swoon]and all the other fabulous writers of the time, I fell in love. I want to be a Victorian so badly. However, that is not the point of this post; wow, I am such a nerdy English major.

I want to travel in Europe. But I particularly want to visit Great Britain. I've talked before of how magical I think it is to own and use things people have owned and used before me, but it's even more enchanting to imagine walking where my some of my favorite authors have walked and to think about seeing places they saw. Like crazy awesome. I once used this website to research some social themes for a paper I was doing, and I confess, I might have spent the next week reading all the articles they had about everything. (I also might have spent some time swooning on this website, which is dedicated to one of my most favorite authors, and is just as witty and intelligent as I'm sure she would want it to be.)

I daydream about this sort of thing pretty frequently, and in my scheming I happened upon this awesome endeavor. It's called couchsurfing and it's so cool. (if you just just heard a shocked gasp followed by cries of protest, don't worry, it was probably just my mom being appalled after clicking the link and trying to comprehend how I could ever consider staying or traveling with a 'stranger') For the record, I didn't say with certainty I'd do it, but it would undoubtedly be pretty neat. Besides it's much more appealing than my "go-to-Europe-be-an-au pair" idea that I was so keen on my junior year of college. (you're right, I still think that could be fun)

Either way, I would probably die of sheer joy if the opportunity for an excursion presented itself. Oh Victorians, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Big City Dreams

I want to be honest with you dear readers, but honestly, sometimes I find there are things I just can't make myself share. I say this because recently I was asked what I would want to do if I didn't have any limitations at all, and it was one of those questions that I like to hear other people answer, am intrigued by, but kind of end up blinking a lot and stuttering in response to. There is so much, so very much I would love to do. I would never ever be able to say just one thing definitively. I mean, if I had no limitations, I'd do it all. But that's absolutely unreasonable, so until "then" (whenever and whatever "then" ends up being) I will share one of the things my heart desires. This video, idea, and man have intrigued and inspired me and accomplishing something like this would be so amazing. Please watch, enjoy, and gain some insight, and maybe eventually I'll be more comfortable sharing my heart with a faceless and nameless people. (i wouldn't hold my breath though :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's be Lovely

I can't remember what Etsy shop this is from, but I love it.

I don't know what it's like for the rest of the world, but for me Monday is always creeping. It creeps up on me, it creeps by, then it creepily haunts me the rest of the week. Monday is not my favorite day of the week. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it-I actually really want to love it (on account of its being so misunderstood)- but it makes itself so hard to love, and I'm not really all that good at loving things that don't want to be loved. All of that said, I think to counter the mundaneness of today, what we need is a little extra lovely.

Ways to make your day lovely.

1. drink coffee. (extra lovely option: adding raspberry syrup)
2. listen to "Oh Lovely" by Lakes (extra lovely option: put it on repeat 'cause IT'S SO GOOD!)
3. embrace a few people (extra lovely option: embrace their quirks while you're at it)
4. have a birthday (extra lovely option: have an unbirthday-they're always fun)
5. wear your favorite shirt [i did this today] (extra lovely option: wear a cape)

Or if your Monday is super ridiculous, you should just make a fort, get a sweet treat, and watch Peter Pan. ...Did I just reveal my "best day ever" scenario? maybe.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poetry Love

in strange way
To stand inquiring right, is not to stray;
To sleep, or run wrong, is. On a huge hill,
Cragged and steep, Truth stands, and he that will
Reach her, about must and about must go,
And what the hill's suddenness resists, win so.

from "Satire 3" by John Donne (one of my faves)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Secret Saturday

I feel like today's secret is pretty common, so I won't waste my time trying to prepare you for it or explain it. It's simple; I hated highschool. Mostly just the last 2 years of it, but whatever, I wouldn't go back if you paid me. That said I'm glad it happened, and I'm glad that I experienced it with these people. I think this occasion calls for a:

Then and Now Photo Spectacular!

(yes I just used "spectacular" as a noun)

Here's us in 2005.

this was actually homecoming senior year...before half time, but I think we still lost.

others learned math and stuff; we learned how to annoy the cheerleaders at pep rallies.

and we successfully turned Bible class into a biweekly event

perfected "Blue Steel"

and got touristy all up in the D.C.

And in 2010:
we still take crazy awesome group shots.

succeed with the upside down camera shot.

have photo shoots in the bleachers

and remember that it isn't necessarily your surroundings that create fun, but the people sharing the spaces with you.

I really didn't like high school, but I loved the people who made me laugh, let me cry, and told me when I was being stupid (which let's be honest wasn't often enough because I was really dumb...forreal). I'd almost say that now I remember that I didn't like it more than I remember why, and I think that's okay because life goes on after high school, there are more important things than varsity athletics, and no one else really cares about advanced math either. Homecoming is fun to me because even though I don't recognize any of the small children who claim they're graduating in May and I'm subjected to the shouts of cheerleaders who cannot possibly be wearing their outfits for His glory, I get to spend time with people I don't see regularly and we get to laugh about silly things and pretend we're not grown-ups with responsibilities for 3.5 quarters (because let's be real here, we don't care about the game and beating all that 'game's over' traffic is what's up).

Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthdays, Part two

If you have a moderately reliable memory(or really if you have any memory at all), you will remember that my sister's birthday was two days ago. She doesn't however get the whole month to herself because so many people I love also share this birth month with her.

The first person she has to share with is my mom! If you have known
me for very long or have ever met my mom, then you know that she is super fun, and you probably love her more than me. That's ok; after about the 3rd time I was told my mom was 'just like me, but cooler,' I accepted it. She loves both The Eagles and Family Force Five (whom I loathe), and last year she had a purple streak in the bottom layer of her hair. She's really smart and extremely analytical, but also very tender and compassionate. A lot of the time I think we fight because we're so much alike. However, no one thinks I'm quite as funny as she does, and no one loves me more.

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you lots.

and for your viewing pleasure, some actual birthday pics.

Also, today is homecoming for my highschool, which makes 5 years since my senior year homecoming. Weird. Also weird, being asked "Weren't you the very first homecoming queen for EMCA?" as if it happened in 1903. 22 is not old people; it's not. Since this week has pretty much become "Jenna's life in pictures" I'll try to get some good ones tonight and make a then/now post. Could be fun...could be traumatic.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I've known Emily for 12 years or so now, but it wasn't until we had the same teacher in the 8th grade, that we became BFFs. We were pretty much inseparable, and all of my favorite grade school memories involve her.

old photos have poor quality, which I'm not upset over since we look a hot mess. hey striped polos, heyy.

Em was on homecoming court this year. and clearly neither of us ever went into the sunlight.

also this year, Em convinced me to play basketball with her. more accurately, she played, I loitered.

so she played softball with me. Or more accurately, I played, she galavanted.
This was at my sixteenth birthday party. Don't ask why we all decided to be princesses; we know we're ridiculous.

apparently not much happened this year, I can't find any pictures...oops.

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
we like the beach.
Junior Year
and we like to make silly faces.
Senior Year
21st birthday...and at the beach again.

October 16,2010
I'm pretty sure this picture most accurately portrays us/our friendship.
Me: part hyena / part giraffe Em: Poised and Pretty.

She is one of the sweetest, most compassionate, thoughtful and loving, and funny people I know, and I wouldn't be who I am today without her. Together we learned the value of honesty, trust, integrity, and love. Emily has been there for me, always. And I love her dearly. I'm also pretty satisfied in her choice of mate; Lee is pretty much the best and he adores her. So here's to people you can't live without!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sister, sista

Today my sister is seventeen years old. That's for real super old. I remember being seventeen; it wasn't all that long ago, but it feels like an eternity. I have to say I'm significantly more proud of who my sister is at this point in her life than I am of who I was. She's so strong and grounded; I just love her so much! So in honor of her birth, here are some photos full of sisterly love.
ok, so maybe it's not as much sisterly love as it is ridiculousness, but what can we say? We crazy. Seriously, in pretty much every picture we have together one of us looks weird. Maybe we'll take one today and attempt to make up for years bad photography. If we do, I'll share, but in the meantime these will do because it's her birthday, and she's the coolest!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop, Pause, Play.

I've been looking at my recent blog posts, and I realized I need to actually let you know what's happening in my life. You'll be happy to know that I am still a little crazy, and still completely sarcastic. (I can hear your sighs of relief) For someone who is kind of at a standstill, I've been doing a lot of moving. My schedule is way weird on account of its changing weekly, and while that thrills me to no end, sometimes it can be challenging. You'd think someone who loves spontaneity and change so much would have a better memory, but I don't and consequently my blog, correspondence, and plants that try to survive in my apartment suffer.

Here are some of the things I do:

tutor. Every Monday and Wednesday 8:45-5. But on occasion my tutoring sessions with my fourth grader get changed, so then its only 11-5 and the other 2 hours gets moved to another day of the week.

be tutored. I'm learning Portuguese; if you didn't know already, I'm going to Brazil. For several months, and I leave at some point this fall...the rest of the details are uncertain because they all depend on things I can't control. (yes not having control makes me flinch, no I'm not worried) This is probably the most challenging thing I'm doing right now, because I think I could study 5+ hours a day and not be where I want to be.

These notes + this face = wrinkles on my forehead. Not cool, Portuguese, not cool. I mean, não é legal, Português, e não legal.

mentoring. Unfortunately this gets pushed back when scheduly things start to conflict, but Lesley DeVaughn is absolutely amazing and ever so sweetly encourages me and speaks Truth into my life. Also, I've been really feeling like I need to start doing this more intentionally with my sister. She is such an amazing person with such a tender heart and I want to start pouring into her with a lot more regularity because let's face it, highschool is awful, and talking is fun.

substituting. So far, I've only done elementary classes, but it's kind of fun. (Seeing that in writing makes me question my sanity) And this is what hopefully fills my free days in the week.

the rest. Things that get penciled in include, but are not limited to: babysitting, friends, weddings, parties (for babies, marriage, and friendship) (and this includes designing invites, buying gifts, cooking, etc.) and making lists.

I actually don't think I could function without my planner anymore. I really can't remember much at a time.

Meanwhile, all of these things sometimes make me feel like I'm doing a whole lot...but without really accomplishing much of anything. That's when I have to remember that as long as I'm being obedient, and seeking the Lord in everything I do, every minute of every day, then I am accomplishing much. I'm accomplishing His will. It's hard sometimes for a prideful control freak like myself, but I'm trying and I like to rest in Zechariah 4:6 which says, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts."

Currently I'm really striving to faithfully live out Ephesians 4:29 "Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear." I struggle with the whole according to the need of the moment; I always seem to regretfully find myself musing on needs in the future. And I think I often miss opportunities because I'm thinking what can I say that will benefit long-term. Maybe I'm just odd, but this verse is harder for me than it reads . Point of all this being: I'm living, and loving, and trying my best all while being a faithful proponent of the Oxford Comma.

P.S. This weekend was Wedding Weekend for BFF Emily, so you can anxiously await a semi-sappy, reflective, post full of photos soon. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


It's Fall, ya'll. And I'm feeling more Southern than ever.
No, that's not logical, and no, I don't care.

I feel like this on the inside:

And by "this" I mean "calm and bright," not "dead and crinkly." photo here.

And I want to make these:

from Southern Living (which I love so so much)

However, I'll probably end up making Pumpkin Spice Cookies. Mostly because they come straight from a bag, and I already have a bag on my counter :)

Happy Monday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Post for Annie

When I was little my mom regularly sang me three songs.
They were:
"You Are My Sunshine"
"Sweet Child O' Mine"
"Wild Thing"
We were the coolest. Especially since by the time my sister came around she was singing crazy things like "I Like It; I love It". Gross; this is clearly the difference between me and my sister.
Anyways, the point of this post is to say, today is Monday, and I hope that you have someone who makes you happy even when skies are gray.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a Big Day!

In honor of this all important day here are some things that make my heart go pitter patter.truth.adoration to the reader who knows where this is from... ok I'll tell you! (T.S. Eliot from "The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock [one of my all time favorite poems][read it!])

heyy WWII propaganda spoofage.

andddd, truth again.

People always love to (ever so nonchalantly) ask me "So, who you likin' these days" and the answer is indefinitely, my Keurig. Is it bad that potential romantic interests have to compete with a coffee maker? Maybe on the other 364 days in the year, but not today. Happy National Coffee Day!
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