Thursday, March 11, 2010

:One Thing I Love Thursday:

Here in Jenna Land, we are all about trying new things. In honor of this tradition I will now be having "One Thing I Love Thursday" (hence the clever title). This Thursday I choose Zooey Deschanel.

I Love how sweet she is.

I Loved her in this movie...

And I loved her in this movie.
I Love her in this fabulous band.
And I LOVE absolutely everything she wears.

I love that she's so beautiful, but she can be adorably cute too. I love that she tries new things, can pull off pretty much any fashion item ever and that she sounds heavenly.


Allison Drew said...

Many years ago when I saw her in Almost Famous I decided I wanted to be her. This is still true.

Gabesgram said...

Did you know that she was the real life sister of the girl who stars in Bones? I didn't realize it at first but once you realize it, you will think they look just alike. I do anyway! Love you!

JennaPeyton said...

I did know they were sisters! However, I had never seen Bones until this week, yesterday actually. I liked it. And I love both Emily and Zooey!

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