Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my life as jenna

So it's "Spring Break" here in my life, and as you [hopefully] have discerned, Spring Break is in quotation marks. This is because I don't consider what is happening this week a break at all. Here's what my "break" is looking like.

  • Work all day every day this week. walking about 4 miles worth of circles all day long. and paper cuts. my feet hurt.
  • Schoolwork...at some point. a couple hundred pages of literature. one big paper. one little paper.
  • Working out. (in case you weren't aware, plyometrics is all kinds of death, and if my body didn't have the same consistency as cottage cheese, I would never ever attempt them. However, it is at this point in my life absolutely necessary)

I don't want this whole post to be depressing though so I think I'll share what I would do if I could do whatever I wanted.

Go visit Allison. and Andrea. and Sarah.

Shop in Miami.

Lay on the beach in Brazil.

I've been to the Copacabana before, see:

Clearly these are lofty dreams, and that's probably why I'm here working instead, but it's okay. Tonight I'm going to get Chinese with my mom and watch Shakespeare for school. I'm so cool. A post with more substance tomorrow most likely, and then One Thing I Love Thursday!

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