Tuesday, March 23, 2010

English major say what?

"He was a young man of about five-and-twenty, with a dark face, bronzed by exposure to the sun; he had handsome brown eyes, with a feminine smile in them, that sparkled through his black lashes, and a bushy beard and mustache that covered the whole of the lower part of his face. He was tall, powerfully built; he wore a loose grey suit, and a felt hat, thrown carelessly upon his black hair. His name was George Talboys, and he was an aft-cabin passenger on board the good ship Argus, laden with Australian wool, and sailing from Sydney to Liverpool."

Dear Dr. Woodworth, thanks for knowing the best books to let students borrow.

Dear Mary Elizabeth Braddon, you're such a great author; why did I never know you before?

Dear George Talboys, you can be my boyfriend if you want.


KimmyD said...

Dear Jenna, I cannot read this!

Kevin Garner said...

That was well-written. Not bad at all.

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