Saturday, November 20, 2010

thanksgiving. mnnnn.

Today I'm attending a mock Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and I'm feeling rather domesticated. I bought a new casserole dish just for the occasion, ok, ok, I bought it because I own all of one pot and one cupcake pan, but either way, it's blue and casseroley and it was on sale (iLOVEworldmarket).

I really wanted to make this Squash Casserole but apparently none of my friends are fans of this lovely vegetable, so I'm making this Corn Casserole. I'm pretty excited about it too; I guess when you don't eat meat, it's normal to get stoked about veggies.

I'm also making Pumpkin Spice Bars, and I'd link you to that recipe, but I'm kind of improvising with that one. Don't tell my friends, or they might not eat them, which would be unfortunate for them because they're going to be delicious. And while I'm tooting my own horn speaking of delicious, I made these Sweet Potato Cupcakes for Clara's bithday last weekend, and they were spectacular. They're extremely easy to make (and probably much easier with a hand mixer which I of course forgot to take to the kitchen where I made them). I used this recipe from this awesome blog, except I cheated and just used Marshmallow Fluff for icing because it was easier and much faster. I'd show you what they looked like, but I forgot to take a picture, shame.

I hope you're making goodies for your friends and family too; people like to be fed.

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