Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have been alive 22 years now. That seems like a long time, but it doesn't sound like all that much. Whatevs, I think I'm going to love this year. I don't want to begin this birth-year by trying to impress you, so instead of trying to be deep and meaningful*, I'm just going to share 22 things with you.
*All of the following things are crucial in the construction and existence of my personality, so I guess as such, they unintentionally give meaning to this post. Furthermore, the mere fact that I pointed out this fact with the use of asterisks and shrunken type, I think, adds a certain depth to the post. ...Carry on.

6 Things I never get tired of:
1. Hugs. Side ones, bear ones, surprise ones... I love them all.
2. Volleyball. I love a lot of sports, but that is the only one I would play until my body gave up.
3. Silence. It scares some people; it comforts me.
4. Pride and Prejudice. Call me cliche. It's so good, every. single. time.
5. Yoga. People always say "that sounds so boring," but it isn't at all.
6. Ingrid Michaelson. She's always so fun to join in with, and her voice makes me smile.

4 Foods that compose the bulk of my diet:
1. Organic Peanut Butter (because it tastes best) and Unsalted Almonds
2. Goldfish
3. Popcorn (without butter)
4. Cereal (oatmeal squares, wheat squares, cheerios)

3 Things I would never willingly be a part of:
1. A Lady Antebellum concert
2. Mud Riding
3. Broccoli

2 Things I really want to be a part of:
1. South by SouthWest / Austin, TX in general
2. Fashion Week in Paris

4 Words/Phrases I probably couldn't live without:
1. Rude
2. Dear ______,
3. Oh no
4. I know right?!

3 Important Lessons I learned when I was 21:
1. It's not at all the big deal you think it is.
I always thought it was so extremely important to make the best grades and be liked by everyone. It's not. Last Fall I had some amazing teachers and some amazing classes, but one day I was reading comments on a paper, and I thought, there are more important things than strengthening that point in my argument and finding a better adjective for that thought, which I realize sounds simple, but it was new to me. Maybe some of it was senioritis, but I think the bulk of it was God reminding me that the purpose he created me for was not to rearrange words and impress people, but to serve Him whole-heartedly. Remembering that makes those "big deal, big problem" situations seem a lot more unnecessary.
2. "God is sovereign" really means that God is sovereign.
Knowledge and understanding are not the same thing. I know God's sovereign, but oddly enough I find myself needing Him to remind me all the time. And He does, and then I'm amazed and awed and grateful. I don't know why I need to be shown things before I can rightly assign emotions to situations, but God really is sovereign whether I act like it or not.
3. You should never take people for granted.
I have so many wonderful people that God has blessed me with, and as I learned this summer, I don't realize just how supportive and kind and loving and considerate and thoughtful they are. The people God has brought into my life are such a tremendous encouragement and blessing and I can't say I honestly don't know what I would do without them because I do know, but I can say that it isn't pretty. So thanks friends, for caring and loving me, even though I'm weird and difficult. You made 21 special, and I can't wait to share 22 with you.


Lesley said...

You are precious. Period.

TaylorElizabeth said...

I love you. Just sayin'.

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