Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Epic

Every now and then I find a poem or story or song that affects me in a way I can't explain in words. Recently my friend Kaycee introduced me to My Epic. I got to meet and hang out with them after one of their shows last week and they are truly as devoted to the Lord as they are talented. This song by them is absolutely astounding. Its honest humility really punched me in the gut. It's just so powerful. The last stanza makes me want to cry out.

Words and video because you need to read it to really let it sink in.

A storm is approaching. I know, ’cause I called it on. I’ll catch up lovers in my wake that I’ll consume and throw away, ’cause there is no woman I could love more than myself.... That’s why I still sleep alone.

Good God, I feel empty now, but no one found out and I never touched her. I’m trusting less in my defense, if there’s no difference in the things that happen in my head and happen in my bed. Oh God... I’m shaking like a leaf. I’m shaking...

For twenty-seven years now I’ve been waiting. For twenty-seven years now I’ve been keeping my end. But every single gift I ever gave You was just a bribe, so I could get You to give me what I wanted. It’s all kisses and silver. I never cared for innocence, just the appearance.

If only You’d wash me, ’cause I can’t see the stains. My God, I’m so scared, ’cause I’m fractured but I don’t feel the breaks. Have I loved too many daughters to ever be whole? I’m ashamed that You love me. Send grace for the hearts that I stole.

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