Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Bag Lady

Inspired by my friend Allison, this is what's in my bag:
The Blackberry. I usually lose it in the bag because I kind of hate being reachable.
The keys. with the 'It's all good' keychain that is almost entirely disintegrated.
The Sunglasses. mnnn. aviators are always number one in my book.
The jump drive, sharpies, nail file, and bobby pins. essential for surviving school that I will no longer be attending. depression.
My notebook. full of ideas, sketches, lists, and moody poetry.
Wallet. stuffed with giftcards currently. hey graduation, hey.
A book. always, and yes I am so ashamed that I am just now reading this one.
Reusable shopping bag. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
GermX and gluten free ibuprofen. because sometimes living near people is gross and challenging.
Camera. Everyone loves a good memory.
And the Ipod, shine sheets, ear buds, eye drops, chapstick , compact mirror.

Clearly, I am prepared for absolutely everything. Orrrrr, my bag is way too big. Whatevs.

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