Wednesday, June 18, 2008

George Petrov

So the first Romani village we went to was George Petrov, and this was the community that Betty and Karen don't have a lot of contact with yet. We ended up having around 100 or so kids between the 4 times we were there with them and by the last visit on Tuesday night, a lot of their parents came, which is perfect because it allowed for Betty and Karen to meet them and start friendships. The kids were so much fun, they just wanted to hug and kiss everyone. There was this one boy in particular who on the first morning we went, was hitting people and yelling and being mean to everyone. On Tuesday morning he took the garbage bag and was walking around picking up trash, and if another child happened to throw something down in his sight, he would scream something Romani at them until they picked it up. It was just really cool to see how his attitude changed just because our team loved on him and tried to reach out to him. We're really the first group to come and do what we're doing here, so every one's pretty excited. Our hope is that their trust has been gained, and their curiosity will lead them to Betty and Karen. They need our prayers now more than ever, because these people need Jesus and He's doing a work here.

On a side note: Macedonian food...AMAZING! I could eat Breck for the rest of my life and Baklava oh my goodness. I could do without the sun shining at 4:45 AM every stinkin' day, but I think I'll live. :) xoxo

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