Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 2

Ok today, I feel alive. I’m really not that tired at all. No more than usual anyways. This morning we went to a Baptism service at this place called…. And three people got baptized. We were down by this gorgeous river and they had about five people playing the guitar and leading worship...AMAZING! Then we all went down close to the creek, and watched them verbally proclaim Jesus as their Savior and be baptized. We got to do one of their first communions with them also. After that we had a picnic lunch with everyone. I can’t really put adjectives to the whole experience, but I’m telling you, you could feel God there. It was just so sincere and humbling. **See bottom of blog**

We’re all really tired, but really exciting because tomorrow is our first day on the field. The whole team consists of, the IMB team: James- Song Writer extraordinaire Jason- Leader and holder of medical release forms Sara- Queen of Event Coordination and Brian- Videographer (our trip is being spotlighted next year at all the “Fuge” camps. Then the 1st Baptist Wellington [Palm Beach] Jeff –minister and fearless leader Dina and April- mom and daughter Bryant and Julia- dad and daughter David and Sarah- the equivalent of our Matt and Michelle Rob- my sarcastic equivalent and Chris- who I am convinced is the love child of Devan Smith and Marlin Harris. Kristen [Megan] is from OK and she is my constant comic relief/roomie. Lastly and definitely most importantly is Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Karen- the missionaries. Their stories are as amazing as they are. Betty has been here for 8 years, and Karen just came 2 years ago from Russia. The people they work with are the Romas. Basically the poor Macedonians. It’s really astounding just how much these two ladies have accomplished. Now that you know our team, know that we covet your prayers! Love you guys!

P.S. add into your prayer protection for our lungs from the second hand smoke that encompasses and smothers every aspect of Macedonia…even the airports. xoxo

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